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I Am Here 

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Healing and recovery will always take time. You can trust me to guide you during your journey.

Peace and Harmony

Fulfill your fullest protentional

At The Peace and Harmony Center in Detroit, Michigan, I integrate meditation, yoga, and massage therapy services; providing clients with tools to help promote health and well-being. I am also a licensed massage therapist offering massage therapy treatment.

 I host workshops and classes for Breathing Awareness, The Value of Stillness through Meditation, and Harmony of the Body Through Massage Therapy. All materials are trademarked and licensed as well.

I also provide mobile-based services, offering clients the luxury of receiving therapeutic services in the comfort of their home. You may browse my service packages for more details:

Head and Neck Massage Therapy 

Among the many benefits of massage therapy, relieving neck and shoulder pain from sleeping on bad pillows to holding on to everyday stress; has been one of the issues people come to me for the most.  This video is a brief demonstration.

Featured Massage Therapy Style

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (aka MLD)?

Gentle skin compression applied along lymphatic pathways to promote lymph drainage from affected areas.                    (Huang et al,2013)

What are Lymph nodes?

Bean-shaped structures located at intervals along lymphatic chains. Lymph nodes are the lymphatic systems filtration center, filtering lymph fluid before it returns to the blood stream.

How does this impact your health?

As lymph moves through the node, pathogens, cancer cells, damaged cells and cellular debris are destroyed or inactivated by lymphocytes (Lymph cells) and macrophages (a type of white blood cell) present in the node. During periods of infection, lymph nodes may enlarge.

Reference: Massage Therapy- Principles and Practice, Susan G. Salvo

Self-Care Treatment ($105)

  • Best for Busy Professionals

  • 1-Hour Massage Session

Choose from following modalities

  • Thai ($125)

  • Cranio Sacral

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Negative Energy Release

  • Swedish

Emotional Processing Counseling ($200 a month)

  • An integration of Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Massage Therapy 90min

Membership Package ($500 a month)

  • A monthly plan including 

  • Two 1hr massages per month

  • 30 min yoga session once a week

  • Wellness plan that is reassessed and updated monthly


“Utilized Keisha's services for my girlfriend. My girlfriend enjoyed every minute of the massage! Most definitely would recommend her!!"

Orlando Deshazer 

(Thumbtack Pro, Client)

"Keisha Brooks was very professional and attentive as a massage therapist. Her focus to removing any waste and negative toxins/energy from my body was effective"

Trinaa' Copeland 

(Client Since 2018)

"It takes a strong will and a big heart to take care of people who are used to taking care of themselves. Keisha has that in spades. I pray you are a force in this neighborhood for many years to come."

Lorraine Desmond 

(Client Since 2015)

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