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Shared thoughts and feelings as I fulfill my fullest potential.

See From My 

Point of View

The Peace and Harmony Center is a safe space for everyone. I encourage people to find time for healing and recovery. Many of us spend our days aimlessly, tired and fixated on mundane tasks. With my help, you can begin a meaningful journey where the destination is happiness/freedom. This page expresses my journey and shares some ideas and truths that have helped me along the way.  I am still walking my journey and understanding I don't have to run.  Everything always works out for me, and it always works out for you too.   I hope my commentary inspires reflection and shared consciousness that aligns with every person that reads these words.


Peace and Harmony

Keisha B.


Aug 15, 2022

It is difficult trying to understand who we are and what we want.  If you live long enough you'll discover that many times the things we pursue once we get it, isn't exactly what we thought it would be.  It doesn't give us that exhilarated and achieved feeling we thought it would.  What it does give us is a empty feeling of alright that's done; now what?  Leaving us yet again chasing something else continuing this unending race for more, more, more. 

Where does this come from? 

Some would say our parents, others say media, while others say it's just the society we live in.  But at what point do we take responsibility for our response to life?  No one can make you do anything so why do we blame outside forces for the things we do?  Believe me I've asked myself these questions and I still don't think I have an answer.  One thing I had to evaluate was my self worth.  Why I do what I do?  Am I doing most of it for recognition as a good person? Or maybe to give off the air that, I'm able to maintain all my stuff.  

Well one day I got a very rude awakening, I realized that words can reduce whatever self image you have of yourself to nothing!  I also realized that I am not healed in the area of self worth at all.  I seem to self sabotage myself to have just enough but not enough. This repeated cycle of enough /not enough has spun it's course and it's time to get off the ride. 

I choose to know I am enough, period. 

I also realized that their is a level of maturity that comes with that declaration that challenges it's premise every time.  It's the part of taking responsibility to do the things that may feel uncomfortable.  Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a catch phrase that most people will always be beating themselves up over, because they can not acquire it.   Honestly though, owning being enough calls for you to handle situations different.  It's the time you run into something you've seen previously in life and taking a different action, because you've lived this and seen it before.  This time you choose,  not to have the same response; then wonder why that thing keeps happening to you. This time you do something different!  You are the main character in your movie! You are the leading star!  It's time to direct the movie with the story line you want to live!  It is absolutely possible!  You can live the life you have been dreaming of, if you just choose in the direction of it.  I have had Enough! I choose today to BE ENOUGH!  


Peace and Harmony

Keisha B. 


Deceit of Lack

July 7, 2022

Hi Everyone!!

Having issues with lack is not just an issue of poverty it is a three-fold web of deceit.  The first realm of deceit is the hopelessness that arises from not having enough.  Second, is shame and finally resentment against others that have it.  But, the truth is, carrying issues of lack is a self worth issue, that rolls into a gratitude issues and finally a faith issue.   Having your self worth or value wrapped in a haves or have nots bow can be very dangerous.  When you have it, you feel amazing; when don't, you feel like trash.  There is no gratitude because who is grateful when they feel like trash?  

What results is pure misery.  


The fact is everything is available to you, and this morning reminded me to be careful what you place your focus on.  That, what your looking for is not outside of yourself but in you. Walking by faith and not by sight is not just warning to keep you from getting caught up in the things of this world.  It is a self declaration that the core of your being is not seen! it is an invisible force that is pure positive energy.  It is the essence of all that is.  it is a unified force that is aligned with all universal forces.  If these truths resonate with you I want you to affirm:
















I have the expansion of the Universe in me.  I am more than this physical form in this temporary world.





As I take this day as it comes, I remember that I AM ENOUGH!

I send love and light to everyone reading this and encourage you to be the best version of yourself at all times no matter what someone says or does to you.  Their offense doesn't have to make you defensive,  let it fuel you to remember who you are.  You can do anything you set your mind to and with that said!  


Peace and Harmony

Keisha B.



Dear Love, 

December 30, 2020

I have completely adored you from the beginning of time,

but I must confess, I have been seduced by Envy!

Envy is a tantalizing temptation that I couldn't resist.

Envy caused me to want all the things that were not for me

and took my thoughts to a place they did not belong.

Oh but Love! You are so faithful; forgiving me every time I have gone astray!

I see the error of my ways and cleared the smoky illusion

of envy from my eyes and mind! I see now that all I need is Love!

Love is everything!

Love is Life !

I live for love!

To Love and be Love!!

Love is infinite!

Keisha B

Together We Live

December 19, 2021

Hi Everyone!!

With only 5 days til the end of the "Together We Live" campaign, I am so grateful and humbled by the support given. I don't doubt that we will meet our goal and continue to grow, (if not in this campaign, then the next), creating the environment we want to live in! The question I have had is. How can I inspire people to participate in the growth and develop of Detroit? This has become my life mission, being born and raised in this city. Daily see injustices that every day people can irradicate if only they looked within and discover their gifts that contribute to upliftment and contribution to the community.  I believe everyone has a gift, a purpose that was put inside them to contribute to our world.  There has been so much darkness it is time to reclaim our strength, power and prosperity by doing the work to heal and recover from generations of abuse, neglect and mistreatment of each other. Gone are the days of "dog eat dog world", otherwise there will be nothing left!  WE must begin to work together supporting each other's gifts and understand the expression," what is for me is for me and no one or nothing can keep me from it". With this understanding there is no need to look at your neighbor as an enemy to be feared and suspicious of, instead nurturing and unification can begin. HEALING CAN BEGIN!! A common goal can be developed and a bond of fulling one's fullest potential forges Us into greatness!!!! The Key To Change Is You!  The person reading this message! It's not someone else's responsibility to make your world better, it is yours and you can do it.  I believe in humanity, and I believe in you. Together we Live or Together we will die, it's up to Us the People! You create your reality; this is a Universal truth, based on the Law of Attraction.  What you think becomes your reality.  The Universe is always in agreement with you.  You think bad things will happen to you the Universe will agree, you think good things will happen for you the Universe agrees with that as well!  That is the beauty of free will, you are free to create your reality!!  The Peace and Harmony Center was created to help you understand this truth and apply it to your life and fulfill your purpose. Together We Live, Together We Stand, and Together We Grow!

Peace and Harmony!!

Peace and Harmony,

Keisha B


November 14, 2020

Hi Everyone!!

It's been exactly 2 months since I've shared my thoughts and ideas! Today I want to share some that I've come to learn about the Law of Attraction. I secret is in the use of our imagination. Our imagination is something we were conditioned to let go of when we became an adult. I've come to understand that as an adult we most honor our imagination the most! Remember the power of using your imagination and watch the world become everything you imaged!

Is my imagination still a part of me?

Do I still have the ability to dream, love and laugh?

It's been so long since I've laughed

I miss it honestly

We take it for granted

To see life through light eyes

Especially when our sight has seen such darkness

This is the time to though!

Now more than ever!

To be the light you wait to see

By using our imagination deep within!

Let it in

Let it shine

Light so bright it blinds the dark piercing its existence

Til there is no more

All that is left is light

Light so bright for all the world to see!

That is an imagination!

Imaging a Nation!

On Earth as it is in Heaven



All is well in the world

It ls so

Peace and Harmony,

Keisha B

Experience Life!!!

September 14, 2020

What is it like to experience life? With a variety of things to do, places to go; most time we feel we are going and doing the same things. Like a loop that never stops. One ongoing Groundhog Day, how boring, right? Even if something is different, such as a vacation or a surprise from a friend, the new experience is washed away in thoughts of the norm. The invisible shackle of responsibility consumes us! This is not all there is to experience life! We’ve come into this world for a reason, purpose and a mission; not just to be completed but to evolve, expand and excel!

Looking through different eyes, can shift your perspective so aggressively that the experiences of life changes. What if instead of seeing decay and depression; you could shift your sight to the unseen which is the complete opposite, vibrating beauty, development and love!

How do we do this? Are we expected to live in some false fairytale? The answer Yes! Why yes, well the question I have for you would be, how is maneuvering in your current state working for you? Are you constantly anxious, depressed and angry? If you reluctantly can relate to all of the above than it may, be time to do something different. It won’t hurt to imagine things working out for you. At the very lease you will fill better and isn’t that what we all are searching for when life looks unbearable? Just feeling better can take you from the lowest point to being ok for the moment. The more you visualize the more you create and the more you create the more you realize you control your experiences!

I encourage you to try this for one week. Then acknowledge what changes have come into your life. You will be amazed how your life can change for the better when you begin to look to better experiences within!

Keisha B

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